Petra KlassenScientific Advisor/Corporate Nutrition, Nestle S.A

Dr. Petra Klassen holds a PhD in Nutrition from the University in Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. After her PhD work on the impact of Dengue fever on antioxidants and plasma free amino acids in Guatemala, she joined the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research interests were infant nutrition, preterm nutrition as well as over- and undernutrition including micronutrient deficiencies. After 8 years at the Nestlé Research Center she joined the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, a not-for-profit organization offering nutrition education and services to healthcare professionals, where she was responsible for scientific workshops and events, editing scientific publication series, and creating a multi-language internet platform for health care professionals. In November 2013, Dr. Klassen joined the Nestlé Corporate Nutrition, Health and Wellness Unit as Scientific Advisor working on strategic corporate initiatives such as the Micronutrient Fortification Strategy or United for Healthier Kids, an initiative aiming at helping parents to improve the eating, drinking and lifestyle habits of children, from conception to 12 years of age.