Julie GreeneHealth & Nutrition Director, Ahold Delhaize

Julie Greene is the Director of Health & Nutrition for the Ahold Delhaize Global Sustainable Retailing Team, which is a new position in the newly merged organization. Since 1994, she has focused her work on making meaningful connections between consumer brands and highly targeted audiences - first, with brands unrelated to health, including Samuel Adams beers and Unilever health & beauty care products. After a decade in CPG marketing, Julie joined Ahold Delhaize brand, Hannaford Supermarkets and led the 2006 launch of the world’s first storewide nutrition navigation program, known as Guiding Stars. It was the combination of evidence-based science meeting the reality of food retailing that made this program so different from anything else available to shoppers and it continues to help shoppers make informed choices in food retailers and food service providers in the US and Canada. Prior to her current role, Julie was the Healthy Living Manager for Hannaford Supermarkets in the US, where she connected shoppers with products, tools and services, including an award-winning retail dietitian program – to help shoppers meet their health goals. Long after completing her undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Vermont, Julie is currently working towards a Master's in Public Health at the Muskie School of Public Service.