Joshua ZakkaiSenior Research Associate, Consumer Goods, Sustainalytics

Joshua Zakkai is a Senior Research Associate, Consumer Goods at Sustainalytics. In his role, Joshua conducts environmental, social and governance (ESG) research on publicly traded companies in the food industry. His thematic focus is on key sustainability issues that entail business risks for issuers in his coverage area. Since joining the firm in 2014, Joshua has played a key role in a variety of diverse initiatives, including projects related to water scarcity and nutrition. He has also written thought leadership pieces on the growing opportunities related to plant-based proteins and the relationship between climate change and the food industry.

Joshua assesses risk exposure and corporate management practices to address human rights issues in the food value chain across a range of sub-industries, paying particular attention to the challenges inherent to key products such as palm oil and seafood, for example. Prior to joining Sustainalytics, Joshua held research roles at academic institutions, the strategic policy and planning level of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, and within the responsible investment industry.