Pam WoodHead of Operations, Impactt Limited

Pam is based in London, UK, but works with Impactt’s global teams to reach and improve the lives of workers. She has 15 years of experience in responsible sourcing, microfinance and sustainability, having conceptualised, implemented and delivered projects with companies such as Unilever, M&S, Tesco and Mars.

Pam specialises in developing innovative solutions and adapting proven strategies to the specific needs of our clients and the workers in their supply chain. She spends much of her time at production sites, auditing, researching and working with site managers to build ethical buy-in and make sustainable improvements. She has a special interest in modern slavery, and working with stakeholders to understand forced labour challenges and take action to have real, demonstrable results for workers and businesses.

Pam grew up in Canada, and has lived and worked around the world, including China, Peru, Costa Rica and the UK. She earned an MSc in Development Management from the London School of Economics.