David CampChief Executive Programme Lead, Stronger Together

David Camp is Chief Executive / Programme Lead for:

Stronger Together (www.stronger2gether.org) - a business led multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative supporting organisations to tackle modern slavery within their businesses and supply chains.

Fast Forward a collaborative initiative with many retailers and brands to build legal and ethical labour standards compliance in the garment, general merchandise, non-trade and wider consumer goods retail supply base.

Association of Labour Providers (www.labourproviders.org.uk), a responsible recruitment trade association for labour recruiters supplying the workforce to the food processing, horticultural and wider consumer goods supply chain.

Clearview (www.clearviewassurance.com), a global social compliance and responsible recruitment certification scheme for labour recruiters and providers.

www.ResponsibleRecruitmentToolkit.org – a soon to launch web based responsible recruitment toolkit for retailers, brands, employers, labour recruiters and providers.